Choose Efficiently! Must-Have Home Gym Equipment for Toned Muscles

Properly exercising with gym equipment is one of the best things you can do. However, many fitness enthusiasts tend to balk at hitting the gym out of personal anxieties, including embarrassment from sweating in front of people who they don’t even know. Expensive gym memberships is also one thing. Not to mention, it might be hard for others to find time in getting ready as well as driving to the gym every single day, let alone working out progressively.

Instead, it is more advantageous to own a home workout equipment. Compared to paying expensive membership fees, everything is accessible at your convenience. What’s more, you can exercise in the privacy of your own space, and you don’t have to spend gas just to arrive at a fitness center. If you’re considering to build a home gym, we can help you look for the best equipment that you need. In this article, we have curated a list of trendy home gym essentials, specifically in toning muscles.

Ab Roller

Key features:

  • Abdominal Equipment
  • For all fitness levels
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

Ab roller is not only economical and handy, but it is also effective. That’s why it is considered as one of the most popular essentials in a home gym. With this equipment, you can get rid of that unwanted muffin top and have that tight, lean abdomen.

What about ab crunche (best ab exercise)? It may easily hurt your back and possibly other parts of your body. Also, one study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) showed that regular ab crunches are ineffective.

Balance Ball Chair

Key features:

  • For a healthier and stronger back
  • Removable balance ball

You might have heard about replacing office chairs with stability balls to sneak in core exercises while working. How true? Here’s what Dr. John P. Porcari, FACSM, an exercise physiologist from University of Wisconsin, explained. According to him, sitting causes your abs to slouch, causing a decrease in your core strength. Things get worse when people sit in a poor posture all day long.

This situation can be prevented when you sit on exercise balls. Sure, you can still slouch and use a bad sitting position on the ball. However, it would immediately contribute to your muscle tone the moment you plan on sitting properly over it because it requires to maintain balance, which results to subtle muscle contractions of leg, hip and core muscles.

To add, these balance balls can also boost energy and align your spine. It’s best when you have back pain issues. Bad posture can affect not only your spine but also your internal organs. Add this with some exercises to your pain management routine.

Functional Trainer

Key Features:

  • Integrated straight chinning bar
  • Adjustable pulleys

Weightlifting is considered as one of the most efficient methods to increase muscle mass and  decrease weight. In fact, weight training is recommended in every workout plan since it can increase one’s metabolism. Studies show that when there is an increase in muscle mass, one’s resting metabolism also increases, which causes one’s body to burn more calories.

With functional trainers, you can easily perform weight training nowadays. Most of the time, this equipment will have vertical pulley adjustments and weight stacks weighing 190-lbs or more. Don’t worry. It’s easy to install and will not take so much space in your house. Also, during the training, if necessary, wear your weightlifting shoes!

Full Body Vibration Platform

Key Features:

  • Simple controls
  • Result to many health benefits

If there’s a time that you’ll have trouble of not having the mood to exert effort, then this full body vibration platform is the best solution. You’ll get a workout just by standing on and holding onto it.

The vibration you can get from the machine will provide you with resistance. If you want to perform more resistance, you can lean, squat and do push ups. What’s more, this has many health benefits.

Researchers found out that passive exercises like whole body vibration can enhance metabolism, increase bone density, reduce stress hormone cortisol, improve human growth hormone levels and lymphatic flows, reduce cellulite, and stimulate collagen production.

Vertical Climber

Key Features:

  • Total body workout

To achieve your goals, you need to climb your way to the top. However, you don’t need to literally scale a mountain and risk your life. You can easily use an ergonomically-designed climber to perform an intense total body workout.

You read it right. When you’re using this machine, it’s not only your arms and legs will be trained. Also, your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves would be worked out through holding the stationary handles, while ‘sitting’ into your climbing movement.

These machines have numerous features for your convenience, as well. They often come with workout timers and can be easily folded for an efficient storage. Working out with this at home is an easy way to enjoy watching your fats melting off.

Rowing Machines

Key features

  • Comfortable rowing motion
  • Build a strong back
  • Strengthen upper and lower muscles
  • Full range of motion

There are many reasons why you should have a rowing machine. To start with, a rowing machine can provide you with an effective resistance training and low-impact, calorie-burning cardiovascular workout. There’s an adjustable resistance when you row, so you can easily achieve your target heart rate, while reducing your resting time.

Since it provides low-impact cardio, it’s bearable for those who have joint pains and overweight. Despite being low impact, it workouts both your upper and lower bodies. In fact, it  allows you to burn an average of 600 calories per hour —it’s a great machine for overall weight loss.

Plus, this machine allows the users to track down the workout time, calories burned, and stroke count. Although it has a lot of functions, this machine can be easily kept in a close because it folds. Typically, it’s made in a steel frame construction that can be usable for a couple of years, letting you save up eventually.

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