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We are always interested in giving a voice and platform to knowledgeable and talented fitness professionals who want to share their bodybuilding know-hows with the rest of the world.

If you know your fitness and can articulate that knowledge well and in a helpful way to the readers then we will consider your articles for posting. To write for us, however, there are a few basic requirements your article must meet in order to increase its chances of being accepted and published on our site

Article Submission Requirements

Your article must be at least 1000 words or more.

Your article must be unique and written by you.

Your article must be written around a bodybuilding / fitness topic with clear keywords.

Your article must be well written and helpful.

Your article must not have been posted elsewhere and should not be posted elsewhere.

Your article must pass copyscape.

Your article must be written clearly, any article suspected of being spun will be rejected.

You are allowed 2 followed links in your article. All links must be to fitness or nutrition sites and products.

You must include your author name.

If you used any references, you should cite them.

Include at least one relevant picture with your article submission. Royalty free pictures are preferred but if you use random pictures, you must include credit to the owner of the picture..

How many bodybuilding articles can I submit?

You can submit as many articles as you want. As long as the quality is good and the information is useful. Make sure you articles pass al of the requirements above.

What is the approval process and how long does it take?

Each article will be read thoroughly by one of our team members and analyzed to make sure all requirements are met and that the article meets our standards. After that, your article will get posted. Articles usually go up within 24-48 after submission.

How do I submit my fitness article?

Simple,  you can send a word (.doc) version of your formatted article ( with headers, paragraphs, links, pictures,etc ) to . Title your email Bodybuilding Article Submission.