8 Chest Building Tips For Massive Pecs

Want a bigger chest? Tired of your flat pecs that won’t grow even though you do more bench presses than an inmate on roids? Well I have got some news for you, broski. There is hope after all. Below I will give 8 proven chest building tips to grow your pecs. The reasons for your pectoral sorrows are actually your fault. Yes, I’m blaming you.

If it isn’t your fault then you can’t fix it, so you might as well stop reading this article now and go whack off or something and accept that you will never have a respectable well developed chest. But if you agree with me that there is nothing wrong with you genetically and that the reason you have a small chest is because you don’t know what you’re doing, then I can help you.

You see, I was the same way once, I was just like your average gym dude. I thought I  knew enough by just reading a few articles online and downloading a few workouts. When my physique wasn’t responding, I started educating myself by doing lots of reading on bodybuilding and fitness and even got NASM certified just so I could help myself.  I’m telling you all this to show that you should educate yourself as much as possible on fitness.

You’re doing a good job already by visiting this page, if you came here from a search engine or a social media page, bookmark this site and read all the articles. Visit other sites as well and read more, try things and use your judgement to see what works well for you. Not everything is going to produce the same result for everyone. Specially in fitness where most things are not scientific (double blind studies aren’t really scientific), so you have to try things and take every advice with an open-mind, don’t fully accept, don’t fully reject, be logical and question everything you read.

These tips I’m about to give you have proven to help countless people including myself add size to our chest. Keep in mind that depending on what your weakness is, you may get extremely positive results after applying some of these tips and you may not see any results for some. Maybe you’re already doing most of the things on the list right already, in that case, just try the ones you haven’t applied to your chest workout yet.

Genetics play a role on how big your chest can naturally be, but in most cases your genes are not the limiting factor. The most common reasons are incorrect lifting mechanics, workout techniques and nutrition. If other muscles are going while your chest lags behind then it’s definitely not nutrition but training related. This is what I’m going to help you with.

In the next paragraphs, I am going to lay out my top 8 tips for a bigger chest. As stated above, not all these tips will apply to you but I’m positive that you will find a few that can be the solution to your problematic chest. For this reason, the list is not order of importance. But these tips have been proven to make a major difference in growing the chest muscles.

Without further ado, let’s get moving.

8 Tips For A Bigger Chest

1) Fix your form

Your bench press form dictates whether your pecs get trained or not. Poor bench form will delegate most of the lifting work to your shoulders and triceps. That’s why you see many guys with big shoulders and arms but a flat chest. When you use good form, you should fee your pectoral muscles being contracted and stretched during the movement.

If you find that your arms and shoulders are getting tired and giving out early and doing most of the work, fix your form. Click Here to learn how to perform chest exercises properly.

2) Use Heavier Weights

If you use sissy weights, expect sissy gains. Know your goals and train accordingly. If you are just trying to tone and sculpt, then lighter weight loads will do but if you want to build a big chest, you must use heavy weights. What’s considered heavy you ask? A weight load that you can only lift for 5-8 reps max. Meaning you should not be able to get anymore than 8 repetitions per set if your life depended on it. That’s the growth range I’ve been most successful with on myself and others I’ve worked for chest growth.

Now don’t be a fool. Benching exercises are one of the few exercises that can actually cause serious or even fatal accidents if done recklessly. Don’t lift heavy weights that you can’t control. Increase the weight by small increments of 5 pounds. Always use a good spotter whenever you are moving up in weights. Don’t rep to failure without a good spotter. Always stop at least a rep before failure.

3) Train in a lower rep range with the heavier weights

As stated above briefly, you will have to use lower reps and heavier weights to induce growth. It’s a balance, the heavier you go the less reps you will be able to do. If you do too little reps, than you are just training for power-lifting and not size, if you do too many reps, than you’re training for toning, and muscle aesthetics and not size. The range that’s been shown to produce the most size is 5-8 reps.

The sweet spot is 6 reps with as heavy as you can go, and watch your chest explode.

4) Don’t do to many sessions

As the saying goes, too much of any good thing is bad. Moderation is important in the gym. Sometimes you need to go insane during your session to shock your body but most of the time you need to maintain a sturdy pace and consistent intensity in order to get results.

It’s tempting to fall in love with the bench, and want to train chest often, too often. You want to avoid that. Don’t train chest more than twice a week. Once a week is the norm. You may do twice a week, with one heavy session and one light session.

5) Don’t do to many sets per session

Don’t do any more than 5 sets per chest exercise.  For muscle growth, you will want to do three to four sets of heavy chest sets.   You may do five sets if you train in the 5-rep range. If you train in the 6-8 rep range, then do 4 sets max, but not less than 3 sets.

6) Don’t do too many chest  exercises per session

Doing too many exercises is another way you can easily overtrain. This can actually be worse than doing too many sets or reps. Keep your exercises to between three to five different ones for chest. You may go higher every now and then to shock your pectoral muscles and body and to help break through plateaus but rule of thumb is 3-4 exercises per session. Nice and sturdy.

7) Don’t rest for too long

If you take a long breaks between sets, it will negatively affect your results and the effectiveness of your workout. Time under tension comes into play as well. If you do long and slow reps but then take 5 minute rests in between sets, you’re somewhat canceling the benefits by giving your chest muscles too much time to rest and letting them get cold. Keep the blood flowing, keep your rest periods in between sets to under 3 minutes.

8) Use the right mix of exercises

You need to attack from all angles when you train chest. If you neglect certain movements, you will only be doing your body and potentials a disservice. Always include at least two pressing movements, a fly movement and a dip movement. Example: incline bench press, flat dumbbell bench press,  Cable flies, Chest Bar Dips ( you’re leaning over, if you do it straight up you will isolate your triceps)

That’s it brother, no nonsense, straight-to-the-point advice.. Try these tips and watch the results come flooding. Again, not all of these tips will yield the same results, but one thing they will do for sure is help you get a bigger chest.  Good luck and lift in good health.

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