A Quick Workout To Shed The Fat Fast

This full body workout is designed specifically to emphasize fat loss first and foremost and everything else afterwards. While you will build some good muscle mass in the process, this is not the goal here. The main goal is to lose weight and slim down quickly.

It’s easier to achieve your goals  when you focus on one particular aspect at a time. If you try to achieve everything at the same time, you may end up spreading yourself too thin and end up not achieving anything at all.

If you’re overweight or obese, your immediate goal should be to get to a healthy weight through  good nutrition and a good fat loss program.  Then afterwards you can focus on building muscle. You can do both at the same time but the results will be much slower than if you focused on the fat loss aspect until you’ve lost enough body fat.

So this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to lose that fat belly of yours, we’re going annihilate those love handles, lean up that chubby baby face. Sounds like a plan? Cool, let’s get going.

Why A Full Body Workout Instead Of A Split

 Split workout routines are better at building muscle mass and hypertrophy. They are superior to full body workouts in that aspect. But for quick fat loss, full body routines have the upper hand.

How so? you may be thinking! Well, both workout types will build muscle and burn fat, but they won’t do both with the same efficiency due to the way the exercises and workouts are arranged and the intensity and volume you will be able to train at.

In a split routine, you isolate muscle groups to different days so that you can train them better and with higher intensity. They also get more rest time to grow. When you do a full body routine several times a week. You can’t train the muscles at the same intensity and they also don’t get enough rest time to grow.

But training all muscles at the same time will usually burn more calories at the cost of building less muscle mass. Also a good full body workout routine  will include lighter weights, less sets per muscle and also include a good cardio routine. All these things emphasize weight loss, not muscle gain.

A Good Full Body Routine Is Made Up Of Mostly Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are superior to isolation exercises when it comes to full body workouts. This is due to the fact that they train a larger area of the body than any isolation exercise can. It’s not only more beneficial for losing fat when the bulk of your training is made up of compound exercises, it’s also more efficient at both burning calories and saving you precious time in the gym.

Let’s say for example you do machine chest press, bicep curls, triceps extensions, leg curls  for your full body training. Now compare this to doing  barbell bench press, squats, deadlifts, and chin-ups instead. The latter routine is far more superior at pretty much everything.

The compound one trains more muscles in the same amount of time, thus burning more calories which translates into faster fat loss. It also improves your muscle stability, flexibility, and overall functionally, plus much more. Compound movements also build more muscle mass and body strength.

How Often Should You Exercise Per Week?

You’re going to to want to train at least 3 times a week or more if you want good results from this kind of training. Depending on the intensity at which you train, it’s generally advised that you don’t  weight train on consecutive days when following a full body workout.

That’s because you need to give your muscles at least 24 hours of good rest before directly training them again. Doing otherwise will result in overtraining and slow down your weight loss progress. You can do cardio every day without an issue, but not with weight training. You need to give our muscles time to heal.

You can get away with training on consecutive days if you do different full body movements per workout. For example, if you do squat, bench, pullups on Mondays and then deadlift, dips, rows on Tuesdays, you will be fine. That’s because while both workouts train your entire body, they do it differently and they put more emphasis on different muscles from the other.

How To Maximize Your Results From The Workout

Important points: you should do 30 minutes of moderate cardio at the end of each resistance training session. Don’t do cardio at the beginning.

Warm up by running on the treadmill or by doing jumping jacks for 5 minutes before each workout.

Keep your rest between sets as short as you possibly can.  While resistance training is anaerobic , when you’re doing resitance training for fat loss, you will want your weight training session to mimic aerobic training as close as possible. That means keeping your heart rate up trough continuous movement.

That’s why it’s better to do full body training in a circuit format. It allows you to keep moving with little rest because while one muscle is sore, you can still train another. Even if your arms are sore and weak from the previous curl set, you can move onto dips or lunges etc.

For this very purpose, the workout will be done in a circuit format. Move on to the next exercise without resting. When done, repeat the circuit. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

Circuit Full Body Workout Routine For Fat Loss

Bench Press: one set 12-16 reps

Military Press: one set of 12-26 reps

Pullup: Do as many reps as you can for one set

Dip: As many reps for one set

Squat: 12-16 reps

Deadlift: 8-16 reps

Reverse Grip Chinup: Do as many as you for one set

Dumbbell Lunge: 12-16 reps each side

Do the exercises in the order they are listed with little to no rest in between, also knows as a circuit. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times. Use weights that you can do at least 16 repetitions per set with. Moderate weights, moderate rep range of 12-16.

As you can see, most of the exercises are compound movements. Isolation exercises are mostly for muscle aesthetics and hypertrophy, not for general fat loss. They are not as efficient at burning calories because they conserve your energy to a small area of the body by isolating the movement to a single joint.

Compound on the other end will use up large amount of energy by spreading the movement through a larger group of muscles. So if you’re serious about losing many pounds of fat, you’d better stick with compound exercises from the start.



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