Become A Beast Amongst Men: Guide On Building Bodybuilding Strength

If you want big muscles, you will need big strength. You need to train heavy to build muscle mass. Today we’ll teach you how to get stronger in the gym. We’ll show you how to be a beast on all your lifts.

You can’t really build a lot of muscle if you can’t lift heavy weights. It’s not just about weight lifting and bodybuilding. Building great strength is something that every man should aim for, it’s a basic characteristic of a powerful male.

The days of hunting your own food, fighting off wild animals to survive another day and relying on physical strength more than mental strength are long gone.  Men no longer need physical strength to dominate social situations nowadays.

But deep down, we are still animals.  Our animal brain, some refer to this as the “crocodile brain” still value strength and being strong, in addition to the long list of benefits for building muscle, being strong is also a great psychological boost for men.

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The sight of an able-bodied grown man lifting baby weights in the gym is one of the most ridiculous sights you will see in a gym. Now I don’t want to sound like a meathead who prides himself in lifting heavy weights because I’m not that kind of guy.

But loading a pair of 10 or 25 pound plates for your sets as a full grown man is a joke because you’re acting like a girl. One word: man the eff up. Ok enough of the verbal beating. Let’s move on to the nitty gritty on how to get stronger than a milk drinking meathead strongman from Denmark.

Why you need to get strong

You need to build muscle strength for several reasons. First, if you’re really serious about putting on decent muscles, you’re going to want to be strong enough to lift some heavy weights. So that alone is enough for one to put an emphasis on gaining strength.

Second, being physically strong translates into strength in other areas of your life. As a man, being strong is a basic characteristic for you. Even though in present times the media seems to be glorifying the effeminate man and pushing him as an acceptable prototype for what men should be like, real men know the real deal.

It’s not just about building a great body to show off. Leave that to the women.  It’s about building an aesthetic, functional and  strong physique that not only looks good but one that can come in handy in real life situations. Like having to lift heavy things, having to fight off an assailant, being able to outrun danger etc. While as a man living in a civilized first world country, you will rarely have to deal with these things, it’s still great for your confidence.

 Bodybuilding strength vs powerlifting strength

There are two main types of trainings you can do for big strength gain.  You can do strength training for general bodybuilding /  hypertrophy. You can aslo do powerlifting strength training. Both are good depending on what your goals are.

If you want to compete in lifting and strongman competitions and don’t really care about building a nice physique then powerlifting is fine. But if you want to have a good physique while also being very strong, then strength training for bodybuilding is the way to go.

This site is not about powerlifting but strength training and bodybuilding. So we will focus on gaining strength for the purpose of building muscle mass and for better confidence.

 Being strong is not just about fitness

As I briefly touched in one of the above paragraphs, being strong is only part fitness. The benefits of being physically powerful does a lot more to a man’s confidence than it does for his muscles. This is hard to put in words, but pushing twice your body weight can’t help but make you feel like a warrior. Men are meant to be powerful.

Back in the ancient days, when primitive men roamed the earth, a weak male couldn’t survive. He had his foods stolen by stronger men, his wife taken from him by stronger men, he was kicked out of his hut and forced into exile. Evolution  has caused us to value physical strength. Something that is being ridiculed in favor of the girly type nowadays. Keep your balls, don’t fall for victim to the brainwashing.

How to get stronger in the gym

Ok so you didn’t land on this page to get a literature on why being strong is an important male attributes. You came here to learn how get stronger. And I’m now going to show exactly how to do that.

In order for you to become strong, you will need to change the way you lift. I’m not talking about sacrificing muscle hypertrophy for strength. I’m talking about making some tweaks to your workout routine to build more strength so that you can work out with heavier weights and build bigger more powerful muscles.

To do that you will need to lower your reps and increase the weights for a couple additional sets in your routine. Meaning if you currently do 3 sets of 12 reps for chest. You will change that by adding an additional two sets of 3 reps at heavy weights.

Changing your routine to gain strength and build muscle

Let’s use an example to make things more clear. Let’s say your current chest workout is as follow:

Bench press: 3 sets x 10 reps;

Incline Bench Press: 3 sets x 12 reps;

Dumbbell Flies : 3 sets x 10 reps

We would change that to:

Bench press: 2 sets x 3 reps at heaviest weight possible that you lift 3 times + 3 sets x 10 reps; 

Incline Bench Press: + 3 sets x 12 reps;

Dumbbell Flies :2 sets x 3 reps at heaviest weight possible that you lift 3 times3 sets x 10 reps

Remember to do a light warmup set  at the beginning of each exercise.

Pay close attention to the two heavy sets of 3 repetitions before your normal sets. This how you will build crazy strength. Trust me, you will be stronger than 99% of guys in your weight range at your gym within a few months of doing this. You will need to increase your food intake to match. You will need more foods to fuel the new new growth in both muscle mass and strength.

If you don’t change your diet accordingly to meet the new intensity you’re training at, you will still get stronger but not as much as if you did so. If you’re satisfied with your current size and you don’t want to put on any more muscle, then just follow the routine and continue to eat the same way. You will notice your muscles becoming more pronounced with increased vascularity that gives the illusion that you’re bigger than you really are while still being the same weight.

 Some motivation for your sessions

You will need some motivation for the heavy sets. Otherwise you may abandon it due to the strain you will be putting on your body. Once you start seeing the results I’m sure you won’t need any motivation  but before then here are some ways you can pump yourself up and get ready to rumble:

Visualize yourself lifting the weight before you lift it.

Play some warrior theme music, like war and battle soundtracks.

Listen to some hardcore instrumentals.

Have a partner rile you up.

Some people don’t need any motivation, others do. Find out what type you are. Don’t just do it because you think it’s cool. Do it only if it helps you get ready otherwise it will be just another distraction.

 Don’t be a fool, use caution

Training with heavy weights increases the likelihood of more serious injuries if you act reckless. Like anything worth doing, the risks are greater and so are the rewards. Use your brain and use a good spotter on lifts like the bench press, squats, dumbbell presses etc.

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Don’t put your safety in the hands of your spotter. Never willingly hand your safety over to a third party even if that third party is your best friend or father. That means even if you have someone you trust spotting you, always use weights that you can control for at least one good rep. That way you won’t drop the weight and crush yourself on the first rep.

So don’t try to bench 315 pounds when the most you’ve ever tried is 225 lbs. Increase the weight by smaller, safer increments until you reach a weight that induces great strength gain. That rep range is 2-3 repetitions at the heaviest weight possible.

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