How To Build A Big Chest The Right Way

Building a big chest is not an easy feat for most of us.  After reading this article and incorporating the big chest workout included, things will be easy for you. You can spend an eternity in the gym doing bench press and other chest exercises with little to show for it. Why is that?

Well the main reason for this is that most guys training their chest don’t know how to get the most out of the exercises they do. They don’t know how to really attack the chest muscles and really train them to induce the big growth they seek.

The body’s anatomy and the location of the pectoral muscles makes it very hard to train them properly. While at first it might seem easy, it takes much more than what’s seen on the surface to build a massive chest.

A good Chest Workout is not enough

Bench press, incline bench, pec decs, pushups and more. All these exercises are great at building your chest and they should be part of every guy’s chest workout routine. But the big issue is about how to get the most out of these exercises and targeting the chest muscles.

Why are you making this sound so difficult you ask? I’m not. I’ve been involved in fitness for almost a decade and I’ve seen it all. Both personally and with others I’ve worked it. Doing an exercise is never enough. You have to do right and then some.

Your chest muscles can be deceiving

Doing each exercise with the best form possible and using the best techniques possible for your specific goal is wherein lies the big difference. Your chest muscles are surrounded many other powerful muscles that are ready to take over most of the load when you perform exercises targeting your chest.

A good example of this phenomenon is your triceps and arms taking up too much of the load when you perform the bench press incorrectly. It’s very easy to miss that because you may still feel like your chest is being trained. You will still feel your pecs tighten up and contract, you will still feel the soreness afterwards. But is it really enough?

The Reason why your chest workout can be so deceptive is because any small tension applied to the pectoral muscles will result in a pump and some soreness. Don’t believe me? Drop down to the floor right now and do 12 pushups with good form and tell me how your chest feels right after? Ok I thought so too.

This might sound like a good thing because you’d think that the fact it’s so to pump your chest would mean that it’s easy to make them grow bigger too. Wrong! You lose that pump quickly and your chest reverts to its normal size without any long term benefits.

What it takes to build a massive chest

In order to induce real growth, you need to do enough stretching and calculated damage to the pec muscles for them to grow. Meaning your goal should never be to just get a nice little pump and feel big walking around the gym for half an hour.

You goal for each workout should be to push your chest muscle a little further than they’ve been before and force them to readapt. This is where the growth happens. If you do the same intensity every time you train chest, what you’re doing is maintaining what you already have. Nothing more.

You’re not building a bigger chest. Now there is nothing wrong with this if you’ve reached your ideal size and just want to maintain what you’ve got. But You wouldn’t be reading this article if that were the case. So it’s fair to assume that you want a bigger chest.

Effective Hard work usually triumphs over genetics

Not all chest workouts are created equal. On the outside looking in, two guys doing the same routine may make things appear very similar but the results they get can be night and day. Why is that? If you said genetics, you lose. While genetics play a big role in results when there is a big gap, in most cases the genetic difference between two guys is too minimal to be the difference maker.

The real reason for one guy getting better results than another is that one guy is performing the exercises with better form, better tempo, better mind and muscle synergy and better he’s handling things in the nutrition arena better than the other guy. All these things are factors that are in your control.

So in order to build a bigger chest, a good workout routine is never enough. The right techniques is what will make the biggest difference. How do you get that edge for greater results? It’s simple,  learn the proper chest training techniques and learn to pay close attention to your body’s response to difference exercises.

The training techniques that will give you a big chest

Before I give you the ultimate workout routine for a big chest, I must give you the proper advice on how to get the most out of each exercise. Otherwise, you will be leaving a lot on the table in terms of gains and overall progress. here’s a simple list of things you need to get in order before you can expect to build a massive chest.

Perfect your form. Meaning learn how to get the most action for each rep. More time under tension, more muscle contraction, more muscle stretching, while all the while still being able to do enough reps to induce muscle hypertrophy.

Learn how to stack up exercises in the right order so that you can get the maximum effort out of each repetition, each set and each exercise. Simply doing the wrong exercise before another one can considerably reduce your strength, stability and flexibility rendering the next movement pretty much ineffective as far as real growth is concerned.

There is no exact rules for stacking exercisings set in stone. You will need to experiment and find what your body responds to the best and stick to that. For example, if I do dumbbell press before barbell bench press, it negatively affects my stability and strength on the barbell movement but not the other around.

It might be the same for you or vice versa. Test and test again to find out what works best for you. We respond different different to minor things like that. But they can make a huger overall difference in our results.

Rest periods. You need to find your sweet spot where you get just enough rest to allow yourself to go hard again on the next set for maximum results. If you rest too long and let your muscles get too cold, although you may feel good, and able to do lots of reps after regaining your strength, it’s not good. Resting for too long negates many of the benefits for real growth.

chest workout routine for a massive chest

Ok I think we’ve gone over enough tips about how to get the most out of your chest workouts. It’s about time I give you what you’ve landed here for. But it would be a disservice to you if I didn’t give you tips above because it would leave you uninformed. You would most likely end up with subpar results from this very workout without the proper techniques.

You may think that this workout is not that much different from many of the ones you will find on other bodybuilding sites. But when you apply the tips discussed in this article, you will be head and shoulders above those who simply do the workouts without applying the proper techniques.

This workout when coupled with the right techniques and intensity as we’ve discussed will build your chest to massive proportions. We’re talking Arnold type chest if you’ve got the genes for it. If not, you will still end with a bigger, better looking chest than most.

Do this workout once a week. Always stretch your chest muscles by doing dynamic stretches before you begin. Also do a warmup set using lighter weights to warm up the pectoral muscles and get them ready for the tension of heavy lifting.

Bench Press: 5 heavy Sets of 6-8 reps

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press: 5 heavy Sets of  6-8 reps

Pec Dec Machine: 4 Heavy sets of 6-8 reps.

Weighted dips: 4 heavy sets to failure. ( attach weights to your body)

Pushups: Do 3 sets of pushups to failure at the end.

While this workout looks typical, it’s really not. What separates it from the others it that we’re doing heavy sets while using the techniques discussed above.  Don’t do this workout more than once a week or you will end up overtraining.

There you have it. Have fun and bring the beast out of you.

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