Build Monster Triceps: Guide To Building Massive Triceps

Today, you will learn how to build big triceps using some proven techniques that will explode your triceps with growth.

Big triceps can be the difference between an average physique and an advanced one. Big triceps will not only make you look way more powerful and strong than you really are but they can add inches your biceps.  So I think it’d be a good idea for you to listen to what I’m about to spill in the next few paragraphs.

Why Is It So Hard To Build Big Triceps

Look around your gym or even better, go look at some photos of some great physiques online and pay attention to their triceps. You will notice that most have very well developed tricep muscles.

It’s not a fluke. These dudes had to work hard to get there because truthfully unless you’re blessed with great tricep genetics, it will be hard to build these bad boys up. It’s almost guaranteed that they will be lagging behind your biceps and chest in the development department.

Doing your regular dips, tricep extensions are not enough to grow the tris to a respectable size, the size that will get them noticed. This is what we will cover in this article. I’m going to show how to train your triceps the right way for amazing results.

How To Explode Your Triceps With Big Growth

Like most stubborn muscles(the abs, calves etc), the triceps have to be approached differently from other muscles. If you ignore this advice and stick to your run of mill tricep workout routine, you are surely to be dissapointed because you won’t get very far.

But the good news is you’re ready to learn, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article so I’m going to provide you with the tricks and techniques you will need to incorporate into your tricep workout in order to see big growth. Ready friend?

1) Hand, Arm, Elbow Position

This is one of the biggest issues you will face in training your triceps. The way you position your arms, hands and elbows is the biggest difference between a great tricep workout and mediocre one.

If you don’t use the right position, you won’t isolate them properly. Simple as that. So you need to pay close attention to where your arms are facing during all exercises targeting the triceps. So what is the right direction? Where should your elbows point, where should your palms be facing, how close to your body your arms be?

In order to isolate the Triceps effectively during the movement, your arms should always be about shoulder width apart, palms should be facing inward and elbows pointing direct ahead or behind depending on the exercise.

So when you’re doing dips, your elbows should be facing directly backward with your arms as close to your body as possible. Don’t spread them, don’t use a wide grip, use the narrowest grip that will allow you to bring your elbows to your sides at about shoulder width.

When doing tricep extension movements like cable extensions on the high pulley, use the same basic techniques, inner biceps pressed against your lats, locked in place while only moving the forearm during the movement.

For overhead triceps exercises like scull crusher, don’t point your elbows outward, bring them closer so that they’re facing straight ahead instead of outward.

2) Form and Movement Control

The second most important aspect of training the triceps is form. I’m sure you’ve heard enough about form and how important it is. But in the case of the triceps, there is no messing around and ignoring with good form, do so at your own peril.

Because of the location of the tricep brachii muscle, neglecting your form can easily ruin your entire tricep workout, leaving you with no results to show for your hard work.

Number one rule of good form is to avoid moving other muscles not involved in the movement and avoid swinging your body. For example if your biceps and shoulders move while doing tricep cable extension, you will involve your shoulders too much taking away much of the benefits of the exercise from the triceps.

If your arms aren’t pressed against your body, there is a tendency to move them during the movement, thus once again reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.

So practice good form and avoid cheating on exercises because the only person you’re hurting is yourself. You may be able to impress the hottie on the cardio machine next to you for a few minutes by lifting heavier weights than you can control but she will forget about you before you’re done with your sets and sadly you will have wasted a good exercise by using too much weight and poor form.

Big Tricep Workout Routine

This article wouldn’t live up to its name if I didn’t give you a killer tricep workout routine to follow. So here you go:

You only need to train triceps once a week, but you can train them twice if you want to as long you give them enough days to rest, heal and grow. Leave at least 3 days in between workouts if you train twice a week.

As always, warm up by doing the exercises with lighter weights before moving into the regular heavier sets.

Use heavy resistance / weights for all exercises. This is important to induce big growth. For body-weight exercises like dips, using a weight belt to attach some plates your body or just put a dumbbell between our legs.


Heavy Dips:  4 Sets of 6-8 reps

Triceps Extensions:  4 Sets of 6-8 reps

Close Grip Bench Press:  4 Sets of 6-8 reps

Two-handed Dumbbell tricep extensions:  4 Sets of 6-8 reps

Warm-down: Diamond Pushups, 2 sets to failure.

That’s it. Just incorporate this routine into your current workout routine and be ready for your guns to get bigger.



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