Building Muscle With A Fast Metabolism

Most bodybuilding tips on the web focus on the average dude. The average guy, at least in the good ol’ United States Of America is skinny fat, with a penchant to put on on fat faster than muscle. This guy has to watch what he eats otherwise he becomes a fat-ass with a beer belly.

But there is another type that is pretty common among us. It’s that kid you know that can’t put any meat on his bones no matter what he eats. While this may seem like a blessing for the average non-active person, once an ectomorpth decides to get in the gym to try to put on some muscle, it can become a real struggle due to lack of information.

A Fast Metabolism Is Good For Bodybuilding

While mesomorphs trump all when it comes to building muscle, the ectomorphs can do pretty well too if they know what they’re doing. I mean would you rather be a guy who gets fat easily, who has to watch what he eats or someone who can pretty much eat what he wants without having to worry about what getting fat? Easy choice right? I think so.

But I can’t put on any muscle dude, you say. You can. I know for a fact because yours truly is an ectomorph and I’ve known many others over the years in the same boat who’ve put on large amount of muscle.

The Real Reason Why You Can’t Put On Mass and it’s not your metabolism

As I stated earlier, having a fast metabolism is a good thing. It means you can get away with eating unhealthy and build a great body. The real reason people with fast metabolism can’t put on muscle mass is because they simply don’t eat enough and  they don’t lift heavy enough to build muscle.

You will have to eat more than the other guy and lift with more intensity to get the same results. Most ectos don’t have a big appetite to begin with. They may eat like crap but they surely don’t eat much. It’s not really about what you eat but how much you eat.

How To Build Muscle With Fast Metabolism

First you need to lift heavy and focus on compound exercises that train large muscle groups at the same time. Exercises like deadlifts, squats, rows, bench press, military press and the likes. I wouldn’t worry about isolation movements in the early phases.

What you want to do is shock your body  into growth. Once you start lifting heavy with compound exercises, your body will respond accordingly.

Secondly, you will need to eat big to get big. No messing around eating like a little girl. You must up your calories. It’s ideal if you increase your calories using healthy foods but as someone with a fast metabolism, you have the luxury to eat a bit dirty and get away with it. So do whatever you have to do increase your calories enough to put on more size.

So in summary, I could have made this article a one-sentence article with the following words” Just eat big and lift big fool”. There is no excuse. It’s a blessing to have a fast metabolism.


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