How To Put On Mass Without Becoming A Fat-ass

Bulking,  cutting?  These words don’t exist in my vocabulary.  I don’t necessarily have anything against those  who go on a bulk and then cut but it’s not my style and I think it’s pretty stupid.  Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder who gets paid to comcompete as a profession, then bulking and cutting has to be the most asinine shit in the bodybuilding world


The only time bulking and getting a bit fat is acceptable in bodybuilding

There is a time when it’s acceptable to bulk and get a little fat in bodybuilding,  it’s at the beginning of your fitness journey .  If you’re starting out as a skinny twig like I used to be before I started working out then you will need to bulk up a bit to put on some meat on your bones. In that case it’s understood.

Once you start eating like a real man and begin lifting real weights, you will explode in growth and in the process,  you will gain a bit of fat along with the muscle mass. But once you go on a cut and reach a healthy ,  lean and  muscular physique,  you should never want to bulk again on purpose.  Your body doesn’t  like it,  it’s not healthy. Don’t do it.

Why it’s OK for pro bodybuilders to get fat. Off season that is.

Now if you’re competing then you’re most likely leaning down to a very low body fat and doing things like carb de-loading, and  dehydrating yourself for the sake of bodybuilding.  I won’t knock it if that’s your hustle and your way of making living.  But if you do all this just to win some stupid trophies then you’re a fool for that. The only reason you should put yourself through that is for the money and for enough of it too, not just pocket change.

I digress,  let’s go back to why it’s understandable that professional bodybuilders may get fat in the off-season.  These guys put their body under all kinds of stress and get borderline unhealthy in-season. Their body craves the fat and hydration so they have to feed it otherwise they would end up in hospital bed.  When you cut to under 5% body fat with veins popping out everyone in your body like a fucking freak,  you can’t maintain that for too long without damaging your health and quality of life.

How you should put on mass as a hobbyist bodybuilder

You should aim to put on muscle mass with as little fat as possible.  We all know it’s impossible to put on purely muscle mass without a little bit of fat thrown into the equation. But the goal here is to keep the ratio high in favor of muscle mass.

Yes the process will appear to be slower at first when you try to  keep your shredded physique as you try to get bigger but it’s the right way to go and in the end it’s not really any slower.  Note that a 7 to 9 percent body fat is what you should aim for. You will look great while being healthy. Anything lower cannot be sustain for too long without possible health consequences.

How do you put on mass with getting fat?

You eat more calories of the right foods while increasing the amount of weight you’re lifting,  pretty simple. So basically, you want to consume more clean calories. Calories are easy to increase but increasing good calories is hard. You will need o make sure your food intake is made up of mostly high protein, good complex carbs and healthy fats.

As for weight, you will need increase the intensity of your lifts according as well.  It’s important to combine the caloric increase with an increase in workout intensity otherwise you may get fat even by eating good foods. Remember just a food is healthy doesn’t mean you can binge on it without consequences.

So in summary, to put on mass without getting fat, increase your calories through an increase in the intake of healthy muscle building foods like chicken, whey protein, rice, red meat, fatty fish, veggies etc.  Second, increase your workout intensity to match your weight increase by lifting heavier weights and doing more sets.


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